Publication for “Paralysis”!

Ok, so I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t made a post in months, but it was somewhat intentional. I made the decision to self-publish, and wanted to get my book out instead of writing blogs about writing it. And I did! The kindle edition of Paralysis is available for $2.99 at  Over the past few months I had my book edited, made changes, my friend Mae designed the awesome cover below, and I had it professionally formatted for paperback, which I am hoping to be able to launch next week! I have also been working with an almost 2 hour commute each way when I was in the office, so I guess I chose to put the blog on a temporary hiatus until I got Paralysis ready for publication.

Deciding to self-publish was a difficult decision for me. Part of me wanted to go through the traditional route of trying to get an agent, a publisher, and the potential for a book deal. But there was a larger part of me that wanted to see what I could do for myself if I tried it on my own. I also realized that most of my adult professional life has been waiting for things to happen. Waiting for another job to open up within the company, waiting for “approval” to apply for it, getting shot down with no legitimate reason, waiting for the next one, waiting for a review to get a raise, and the list goes on. I looked at the process of getting an agent as waiting to catch the right agent, on the right day, when they were in the right mood for my story. Then waiting on said agent to shop around for a publisher under the same conditions. I kind of decided that I was tired of waiting, and wanted to take control for myself.

I had a lot of conversations about self-publishing versus the traditional route, and one of the deciding questions for me was “what kind of writer do you want to be?” My answer is one that tells stories and shares them with the world. Not a writer that has a big contract, not a writer that makes a ton of money. Sure, those things would be nice, but first and foremost, my honest answer is just to be someone that writes and shares his stories. That in itself was the deciding thought that led me to self-publication.

There is no way to know how Paralysis will do, or how I would have fared had I tried the agent route, but I feel confident in my decision. I have to admit, it’s kind of surreal for people that I don’t know, with no mutual friends, liking my author page and posts on Facebook. I have somehow found myself with three current (and vastly different) works-in-progress, and I’m waiting for one of them to catch my focus and demand my full attention as I work on them. I also have an idea for a fourth, but I want to let that one simmer until I get a handle on the three that I’m already working on. So, I hope that you all enjoy Paralysis, because there are a lot more to come!

If you do read Paralysis, I would like to ask that you please rate it on Amazon. Self-published authors can’t compete with the thousands that big publishers pay for placement in the Kindle store, so our only resource is our readers, their purchases, and their ratings. Also, people are hesitant to buy anything with no or few reviews, so your reviews will be incredibly helpful! On a personal note, I would also just love to hear what anyone has to say.

As always, thanks for reading!paralysis_book_cover_front


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